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DPS DIARY - new placement opportunities

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Through out this last couple of weeks I have found two potential new placements!!!!

One is with ARTBOX on Caledonian road Islington. I am hugely excited about this as It is a charitable orgaisation that helps people with extra needs through spending time teaching them art. My rile if I get it will be to be paired with a man called Lucas, teaching him specifically how to draw the human body.

The interview for this placement was so warm and friendly and felt as though they were really interested in getting the mot from what I can offer. For example asking me all about they type of art that I like to make and where I feel the most skilled, then pairing me with the person they felt would best fit with me.

I decided that the skill I feel most comfortable tutoring is drawing. Amazingly, Madeline who I talked to then said that Lucas is specifically interested in drawing the human figure. Brilliant as this is all that I spend my time drawing!!

I am so grateful for having found this organisation. They have been on my radar since living near the studio last year. However I didn't then realise they kind of work they with with learning disabilities and autism. This year has been a huge moment of learning for me as I have come to realise that I feel the most rewarded when I am working to help others through art-working and communication.

This has also lead me to consider doing a qualification in counselling/being a therapist. whether tis is specifically so that I can work as a councillor outright. Or so that I can combine thing with socially engaged art making in some way.


Working with Theatre Orchard in Bristol, Wester Super Mare, as part of their work to enliven the city centre and renew the area. Bringing greater equality and allowing underheard local voices a chance to feel heard.

I have been in contact with a lady called Fiona Matthews who works with the theatre and on the realisation of many art projects around this area. At first all that I asked from her was if she knew of anything happening this year that I could possibly come to lend a hand with. She came back to me full of ideas however and i am really excited to get started once we have finalised what I can be doing.


To support the Artists Morag Myerscough with her installation and creation of a kind of bandstand for western super mare highstreets. Morag tends to work in collaboration with the local community of her new works given site. She is known for her use of bold colours and language that she often quotes directly from the residents that she talks with.

here is some examples of her past works:

all of her installations are painted on-sight by the artists and a group of volunteers. This time I am told that this will be some young people from the local schools. Fiona suggested that maybe I could support Morag with the co-ordination of this part of the project helping with construction and organising the volunteers.

THE SECOND THOUGHT that Fiona had was for me to help with a much more long term project called SEE MONSTER

"SEE MONSTER will rehabilitate and reimagine a decommissioned North Sea offshore platform in Weston-super-Mare, transforming the retired industrial structure into a large-scale public art installation. "

Alongside this project she is wanting to gather insolvent from the community. This is where I come in. She suggested that maybe I create a section for their arts newspaper that invites people to submit a creative ZINE that will then become part of a library for the SEE MONSTER.

Here is what I have suggested:

  • To create some kind of Zine/creative project idea for the SEE MONSTER. This should relate to the ideas of sustainability, renewing and reusing.

    • I had an idea for something like the zine tare out that you have done before.

    • This time we ask for zine ideas inventing types of objects and machines or even animals that might inhabit this new island. All based on the same ideas of reuse and sustainability. This way we can have some info about the project as a kind of setting the scene.

    • Both silly and serious ideas welcome.

    • i.e. Robot cleaners that are powered by the heat of the food they compost while cleaning.

I think it could make a really fun library full of peoples imaginations for the future.

This is where I am at so far. However there is still a lot to be worked out before I am clear about what happening with this placement. For example, I had these questions at the end of my follow up email after our call:

  • I don’t know who I am talking to about SEE MONSTER? Is it you?

  • Also a time frame for this? I can start now and will get a work placement form over to you. We could for example say that I am doing one day a week online for SEE Monster and then a chunk of days with Morag. This should cover the 30 days. I am always able to change the form later if things change.

This is the concept drawing for SEE MONSTER. you can find this and more information here:

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