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DPS DIARY - January to March round up

During The first few months of 2022, I have started a new job at Oliver Bonus in Liverpool Street station, Caught Covid, Gained two new placements, and nearly now nearly quitting from Oliver bonus. The begging of this year has felt pretty intense. January was a pretty lonely month that mainly involved me being at home searching jobs websites for somewhere that might accept an undergrad. By the end of Jan I have found The job I now have and worked for around a week there before it gave me the virus. I am sure I aught it there purely because of the sheer number of people that commute through the station whilst I am on a shift.

This is a picture of my very positive test lying next to Max's fading one. The next day he was covid free. I would still have another four days before I could leave the house.

During this time I was pretty unable to use my brain. However I tried each day to at least check my emails and sometimes one more task.

In the first few days I decided that I wanted to start on the bibliography for the submission/to make a spreadsheet full of relevant or interesting things.

red = artist blue = curator Light green = author or book

Dark green = Publishers Light yellow = gallery Dark Yellow = socially based art organisations.

name , description , more , links

Creating this was pretty much the panicle of my covid experience. I was only able to gather enough brain function for it during the first two days in isolation. after that I was basically just staring at things as if on standby or buffering.

However it was also during this week that Fiona, from my placement with Orchard theatre in bristol, emailed to say that they were thinking of creating a fashion show as part of the event happening around the SEE MONSTER installation. Before this email the main plan was that I was going to work on project to creat a library of eco conscious Zine's. However, now this was presenting the idea that maybe I could help them plan and organise tis instead. Fiona asked if possibly I knew of any relevant artist, crafts people of business that might be willing to be involved.

I replied saying that I was happy to think about this btu that I might be slow getting anywhere. I did manage to think of the artist Hannah Scott, who lectured for us at CSM last year and is an MA Art and Science graduate. after checking with the others weather they thought Hannah would be someone worth contacting, I sent her an email.

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