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I have now been volunteering at Art Box Since January. I go there each Friday and have been helping a lady called Emma most of the time, who is a long term artist that has been there from the beginning of art box (10 years).

Above are some work that are hung on the wall at the studio. They are by an artist that I have not yet met. Next time I am in I will try to find out who made them.

Emma's work tends to start by finding a work of art inside one of the books of painting that she always has with her. Usually these are impressionist portrait paintings. Emma will then seek to replicate the compositions and shapes in her own style. Making large curved and swirling suggestions of the painting that she began with.

Whilst I am there, it is my role to attempt to suggest new ways for her to work. As well as keep her feeling calm and help her with any technical problems she might have.

I really enjoy the Fridays here. I have found that it has helped me to feel able to make work with less imposter like tension.

Recently Art Box have also suggested that I might be able to help them out more as they transition to a new and larger studio space.

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