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DPS DIARY - POW Youth Hand Over.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Sometime around July 2021 Elle and I decided that we wanted to pass on our 'POW Youth' project to new, younger hands.

The project started at the beginning of 2020 and involved us creating a youth arm of the already established POW (Power of women) Thanet. By March 2021 we had created the YOUTH ARTS TRAIL that exhibited 17 young (16 - 25yrs) artists along the highstreets of Margate and Ramsgate.

On the run up to this years International Woman's Day, we are passing over this responsibility to some new creatives that we will be meeting via Zoom today.

We are under the impression that this year they wil be more supervised and given more help than we were. Partly as we think the are younger. Also We made the work for ourselves. It was our fault we made it so hard.

So this post is mainly notes for what to tell them, and then maybe I will update after the call too.


  • Contact the list of shops and venues that we have info for from last year to find out who is happy to host a show again.

  • How much space are they able to give us?

  • Do they remember how many artists they showed before? (although you should have this info in the stuff we have given you)

  • Start Instagram schedule going again - maybe 1/2 a week


  • Think about a list of hashtags that you will use each time to save time.

  • Think of who you want your call out to be seen by and possibly send directly to them i.e. Organisations that work with young people. - ART FUND - CREATE ARTS - ART BOX - NATIONAL YOUTH ARTS TRUST - CREATIVE YOUTH CHARTIY - * these are all London base or national organisations so try to find more local.

  • Send out the CALL OUT as soon as possible !!!

  • Think about how the work will be seen. - Can visitors enter the shops this year or does it all need to be in the windows like last time.

  • Maybe make a trail map of all the exhibition points and well know landmarks.

  • Once submissions start to come in make a mailing list of all the artists so that you can contact the mall easily.

  • Maybe create a document that has a photo of their submission alongside all their info and contact.

  • Make a list of all the things you will need to know from the artists - work dimensions - Tell them to frame it or think about how they want to work installed. Tell this to you so that o=you can work out where best to put them. - Work out who will show where and put places and artists in contact ASAP

  • Once the artists know where they will show and how to talk to the owners of the shops, tell them that THEY should talk to the shops about install ahead of installation. this is so that everyone has time to prepare and knows what they need to bring with them on the day.

*** one thing we wish we had done differently was putting the artists and shops in contact sooner. We had to rush around all the venues in one day helping to set up and this hadn't been properly managed before hand. ***

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