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DPS DIARY - October

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Heading into October, I have been continuing my research for copy press on ideas of friendship and the body and a helpful tool for reframing thought.

I decided that below I would first repost the list of projects I will be working towards. After this I will start to lay out my initial thoughts....

FIRST - For Our Friends

as I am particularly interested in the poetic and communal potential of their 'Postcards from the Edge' series, they suggested that I have a go at producing a series for 'Postcards from the Edge’ under title:

For our Friends

The concept of friendship being influenced by society based on friendship and freedom as equals

I am expected to invite 50-80 word engagements with the extract.

For examples of Postcards from Edge: Lockdown 04-06 2020 - and CP tweets.

SECOND - Event

organise a Reader’s Union event around the question:

What is Friendship?

  • We will discuss this further when we meet in October. In the meanwhile we will send some stuff for you you to read or look at

THIRD - Video Essay

to make my video for 'Becoming fireflies' :

The human body might be

  • I should work on the writing first as this is primarily about the written communication.

  • Then to think about the qualities of the video and sound work.

  • Copy Press will then support me with editorial input and support with developing ideas.

My First reaction to starting to think about this was to list out anything that came to mind or that had been suggested to me:

  • bring people together around an idea.

  • Friendship = treating someone as equal in importance. valuing them for themselves and as themselves.

  • Friendship doesnt expect everyone to be the same and therefore doesnt work with ideas of universal moral law.

  • anarchy

  • for our friends - social media

  • an I without guarantees -

  • bodies without organs

  • Daniel Artaud - done with the judgment of god

  • Spinoza - what can a body do. .


Friendship is a realisation of the equality of yourself and another. To yreat someone as a friend is to treat them as someone who deserves the same kindness as you would allow and wish for yourself.

Bellow is an example of a past readers union event.

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