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DPS DIARY - Visual aids run up

During this months run up to Christmas I was spending my time between volunteering at the bower and looking for new placements / Jobs.

I was probably spending 1-3 days a week at the Gallery, depending on the kind of jobs that there were to do that week.

Over the run up to the visual aids I was in charge of gathering all the relevant information form 'The National Aids Trust' and then making sure it was accessible to anyone that needed it.

This was mostly done via Google Drive as they are mac users and I have a Dell so the coding wouldn't allow hard drive transfer of documents. I am sure that there must be a way of doing this..? But so far all I have found requires a long time downloading software that re- writes code..

Once this was done and we had all the Video Previews the next jobs that they gave me to do where:

- order in the red ribbons and fundraising pack

- Make up a flyer to hand out.

- Make an exhibition poster

- Do an exhibition introduction for the page on their website

- Create Instagram posts for 'Coming Up' 'Now Showing' and 'Thank You For Coming'

This is a flyer mock up made before I had all the relevant information.

The Exhibition Poster

Website Exhibition Introduction


Bellow is the handout/flyer I made for the exhibition. In the end it wasn't used as the Charity actually sent us one that they wanted to be used. I am pleased that I went through the process of making this however, as I feel far more confident now in being able to do this kind of work.

As for the Instagram posts they also sent us images that we were allowed to use, so all I did was send over some hashtags to use and the Instagram accounts of all the artists for Louisa and Joyce to use when they post.

Here is the text we used for the ' Coming Up ' post

For #worldaidsday2021 The Bower is delighted to partner with @visual_aids for Day With(out) Art 2021, presenting ENDURING CARE, a programme of seven new videos highlighting community care within the ongoing HIV crisis.

Screening 1-4 December 12-4pm

Image Credits:


J Triangular and the Women’s Video Support Project, 滴水希望 (Hope Drops), 2021.


Katherine Cheairs, Voices at the Gate, 2021.


Beto Pérez, In the Future, 2021.

All works commissioned by Visual AIDS for Day With(out) Art 2021. Stills courtesy of Visual AIDS

Contains alt text image description

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