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DPS DIARY - Making a call out... that didn't really work... still trying

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

During November and December I started to get an idea for an ongoing archival type artwork that involved collecting peoples stories relating to a specific time of day.

I wanted the end result to be a kind of online archive where you could choose any time of day and see a collection of peoples memories that happened at specifically that time.

I was interested in this idea as I felt it was a way to look at common experience and individual/personal memory in direct relation with one another. The archive would be a place where you could explore a range of possible experiences of the same thing (the specific time of day)

I wanted it to be a place that people could find a feeling of connection as well as possibly realisation of an experience they may not have expected or even known could be possible.

Along with the majority of my work, it was an idea for an activity in bridging difference. In finding common ground and within the individual power.

Suggested by Jes I sent this to the Raid.R collective after asking if they would be willing to help me to promote it.

I think that they did post, however, I have come to see that this type of call out probably wont work for the what I am asking of people.

I am asking for quite a personal statement and therefore would probably need to ask people individually, at least to begin with.

I Have Now Made A Page For The Call Out on my website

I decided to do this so that I could direct people to a place that gave further information and suggested easy ways to complete the call out request.

For example inter 'RECORD' I have placed four buttons that take you to software that you can use to record on whatever device you are using. Then, the 'SEND' button takes you to We Transfer where you should be able to send me a link, straight to my inbox, to download your recording.

This is a very slow moving project as it is happening around everything else that is being prioritised - like finding a job. However my plan is not to start sending out individual invitaions for people to submit and to pass on the invite.


I am still aware that the question I am asking might not be specific enough for people to feel able to answer it correctly. therefore the specific question is still open to changing in the future. But lets see how this goes first.

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