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DPS DIARY - Copy Press, May to September

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Dear all at Copy press.

I hope this letter finds you well and happy.

I am writing to you to find out if you would be open offering placements within your Publishing company? My name is Eleanor Cox, I am a second year, fine art student who’s practice is primarily based within the written word, considering ideas of transformation, liminality and kindness.

Since finding you, whilst researching creative publishing houses, I have been fascinated by the genre or perspective of the writings you produce. The move into spoken/video works that you have made within ‘Becoming Fireflies’ particularly, as often my writings find an outlet in performance and video making. Being able to find a hub that is excited about the quality of this pairing of mediums has been a real boost and inspiration.

Bellow I have attached my CV and an example of my writing.

Postcards from the edge, lockdown 2020 project is another of your works that was particularly exciting to me. It was a beautiful way to engage a community in the struggles and new hopes that lockdown brought. Outside if my own writings I am enthusiastic about creating in ways that engages with community. I have been working over this year with an arts council funded organization called POW Thanet that runs events celebrating equality within the arts. Myself and a friend set up POW youth for this year’s international woman’s day and organized an arts trail to allow young artists the opportunity to show their work under the brief ‘Power in Protest’

Here is the Instagram page if you are interested. @POWYOUTHANET

If you would be willing to offer me some of your time, It would be as part of a year in placements (Diploma in professional Studies) that is offered through my university. This means that there is a minimum of 20 days with you required. However please just contact me if you would like to chat about this as I would really appreciate the opportunity to work with you and will try my best to work it out.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

All the best,

Eleanor Cox


Dear Yve

I wondered if you would be happy to talk with me again about the possibility of spending some time with Copy press? Maybe one thing I could do Is help you with the creation of video content? I am confident in premier and would enjoy working with your language in this way.

Let me know what you think?

All the best


Dear Yve

I am really sorry, I have been mulling away thinking about it all as if I had already confirmed with you that I would like to. I definitely would love to have a go Maybe I will try to show you some ideas by 15 August? So that you can tell me what sounds okay or not.

I remember you saying something about November-January being a possible finishing and event holding time? If I am right, is this still the kind of time frame you are thinking? Oh and for the event. Do you think it could be something we could invite contribution for maybe? Thank you so much for this again. I am really excited about it!! P.S please always tell me if something is shit 😊

Hello Yve,

I hope you are well

I have been thinking about what you said about dissemination and have come up with a few ideas:

Engaging a wider audience.

I have tried my best not to oversimplify - making copy press into any one thing - instead to highlight ways that someone may come to understand it.

I think a major thing to start with is making an easy access window into what you are about. Then maybe to move on to asking for participation from a new readership.

The first thought I had was:

to send out a request to your current readers union for short pieces of writing in response to one of your publications, and the way that it has impacted or made them think differently about their everyday life.

  • This could be in any genre that they choose. As it is not needing to be as straight forward as a nonfiction evaluation.

  • Maybe always 100 words or even 100 characters (to reflect the 100 pages of the books)

  • Will probably look like poetry because of the restrictive character count.

  • it does appear similar to the postcards from the edge. HOWEVER I was thinking that we could title it really neatly like you do with the films.

I.e. ‘A response to Figure Calling’ ‘Copy Press Readers Union’ ‘Thursday Evening Walking’ ‘by Jane Oblong’

Could then have a space on your Instagram and as a twitter post (100 characters working better for this)

The point of this being that it takes some of the distance away from the academic nature of your questioning and allows someone new to see how it may be relevant to them. It also introduces the side of copy press that is engaged with thinking about “ propositions for living, thinking and enjoyment.”

  • it also extends the idea of the possess if thinking. Rather than product.

Similar to the way that outside of a pandemic and online space, you would have celebrated your publications as an evening discussion where this bringing the book into peoples lives is acted out.

Second thought

Small interviews

Was to set out a phew standard questions that everyone involved with copy press could answer. This could either be done over the phone and made into sound bites or as text.

This is then a way to introduce you all more personally.

Also allowing people to see how the thinking of the people involved within the press is the same, and where it differs.

Also in Instagram and twitter – a post per question

Third thought

To have a story of or timeline of copy press. To allow people to see where you have come from or why you came into existence. What was it that made the need to create copy press.

Only if this is something you are interested in doing. (?)

Moving on ...

Depending on what you think of this and what we end up doing, the 100 characters or words idea could be expanded as an open call for writing.

maybe we could invite within a few categories or prompts?

1) a past work

2) the movements of everyday living

3) a project towards joy and enjoyment.

All of this could exist on your Instagram. And possibly as an even sometime we make something that brings all the responses together and do a streaming of release somewhere on the website?

For example, the original books could have their responses near them online.

Please let me know what you think / if you like any of them.

I can start to make something like a mock up of what it could look like, and how to simplify the idea for an open call or whatever 😊

I will follow with a short video I made as a very early first draft idea towards a becoming fireflies.

After sending this first run through of ideas we talked on the phone a few times to come up with this list of tasks.

FIRST, as I am particularly interested in the poetic and communal potential of their 'Postcards from the Edge' series, they suggested that I have a go at producing a series for 'Postcards from the Edge’ under title:

For our Friends

The concept of friendship being influenced by society based on friendship and freedom as equals

I am expected to invite 50-80 word engagements with the extract.

For examples of Postcards from Edge: Lockdown 04-06 2020 - and CP tweets.

SECOND, organise a Reader’s Union event around the question:

What is Friendship?

  • We will discuss this further when we meet in October. In the meanwhile we will send some stuff for you you to read or look at

THIRD, to make my video for 'Becoming fireflies' :

The human body might be

  • I should work on the writting first as this is primarily about the written communication.

  • Then to think about the qualities of the video and sound work.

  • Copy Press will then support me with editorial input and support with developing ideas.


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